A Senior, Really ?

Well here we are almost a year from my ... first blog, lol did you think I was going to say since Covid started, well that too. It's hard to believe how life changed overnight and we are still in lockdown. I don't go out much, other than for exercise and the odd coffee run. Oh ya also to the pharmacy, isn't that a senior outing? ( different people to talk to there ) I did have to post a letter today and it was quite busy at the post office. I had to chuckle at the elderly lady in front of me in line. The postmaster took her letters but she insisted that she wanted to stay in line. When it was her turn at the wicket she proceeded to explain how she had ordered an item from Northern Reflections ( that was her first mistake, I didn't know they still existed) and she tried tracking it on her computer but couldn't figure out where it was. She told them she had stayed home "one whole day" when it was supposed to be delivered and it never arrived. I thought to myself, isn't that what we are supposed to be doing, Staying Home! She seemed quite put out that she had to stay home. It ended with the employee telling her to call back when she got home and they would track it for her. Not sure where she was going for the next hour and half when she said she would be home to call but she seemed happy with that solution.

I recently finished my duties as executor for my brothers estate (thank you Lord for letting me live through that process) and one of the last things I did was try and help my sister in law with pension

problems. This brought me to my own pension that I am eligible for this summer. I knew I had received an application last summer but just filed it and didn't give it another thought. Once I found the application it read you can apply 11 months before your 65th birthday so I thought I better get on the ball. I filled out the info and where is said send in your marriage certificate, I thought where is that thing? I thought it was in the filing cabinet in the basement but after a quick look, nothing, nadda. As I sorted through the cabinet I realized the files from 1970's and 80's are no longer relevant and this led to cleaning the other filing cabinet, shredding for hours, to painting the office looking for this certificate. I don't think I shredded it, or did I?

I know I was married because I found this plate that has all the info on it. Do you think they will accept this as proof? Realizing I was getting nowhere I decided to file online, giving myself more time to search.

From past experiences I knew that you had to have a My Service Canada Account to apply for government services. I had set one up years ago and had periodically logged onto it.I tried to log on but was denied access, telling me to call to reactivate my account. Well anytime you call the government you need several hours to be placed on hold so I placed a call the next afternoon.

Call 1- on hold for 1.5 hours so gave up since it was quitting time.

Call 2- again in the queue and was on hold for 1.5 hours till my problem was solved.

That evening I logged on and tried to get to the applications but after answering the secure questions, again was denied access. I wrote down all the answers to their questions previously so I knew they were right. My husbands middle name did not change! Informed I could wait 24 hours and try and log on again.

Waited the 24 hours and tried again but saw those same questions so I opted to change the questions and voila, success.

Again they asked for the marriage certificate but do to Covid I can send it later. So now I'm back to the same problem of searching my house for the certificate. At this point I really feel like a senior and having senior moments way too early.

I've aged just going through the application. Maybe the lady from the post office can help me.

So if you are approaching the Golden Years start you application early and maybe we can only hope that the Government service offices will be open to offer assistance to those who have trouble navigating secure government sites. Apparently thats why they have all those questions, they were hacked but it wasn't me or probably not by someone my age because we can't even get online let alone hack into something.

Till next time, stay safe, stay healthy and keep on pondering.

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