I'm sure most of you thought the pond dried up as nothing has been posted the last few months. Others may say, she calls herself a blogger? I still do a lot of inner pondering's but just haven't put them into print. I have no excuse, well I have lots but do you really want to hear them. I could blame Covid because it changed everything but I'm home far more than I have been in years, so we won't use that as an excuse. I think I can say that blogging for me was something I did in the evenings. So the last few months I have been outside more and by the time the evening rolls around I'm done, can't get the creative juices flowing. So instead I pick up my ipad to read and I say to myself I should be posting a blog but that would entail me having to get up to get the laptop and I decide I'm too lazy to do that so the posts get forgotten to the next night when I repeat my nightly ritual. I sure have read a lot of books though. (You would think I would know what a run on sentence is from all my reading )

I just wanted to share a little story that happened recently. Technology is not my strongest attribute but I do manage to get by with a little help with my family (or maybe a lot of help). Somehow I managed to group text 5 of my contacts (2 of them were the same person) on my phone without me touching anything. You may ask how does one do this?

I didn't have this skill previously of how to create a group text, but I do now. I was out cutting the lawn on a nice sunny day and had shorts on that didn't have a pocket. I proceeded to put my phone in my bra (come on girls we have all done this) because I needed to keep track of the time for an appointment that was scheduled. I checked the time periodically till I had to leave. Once I was inside my son texted me and said, "What did you send everyone". I denied sending anything. But I did check and somehow I had 5 contacts in a group and texted how to buy the Black Panther movie, finished off with this message. Doggy T yet y. whatever that means. Well this group would never of been people I would have linked together. Each one contacted me regarding the message. I explained about the phone being in my bra, I didn't know how it happened. I still don't have an explanation other than the uneven ground and the lawnmower and my bouncing along with it texting as I go. I tried to say someone hacked my phone to my son but he didn't buy that story. It was all ME and my boob.

This isn't the first time I've had trouble with communication, its ongoing because of auto correct. (I have to blame something) Just recently I got an Apple watch for my birthday and I thought this is going to be great, I can just talk into my wrist, no typing for me anymore, another level up. But it created another problem because you need to enunciate clearly or it just types what it thinks it hears. When I spoke into the watch regarding an order at Colasanti's, it texted to my contact "You are going to get calls on it Yum Yum I know it's your favourite call Asante's it doesn't understand call Asante's it's a sin". They replied, "I don't think this chat on your apple watch is going well"".I had to agree I couldn't understand myself what I said.

I read them back and laugh, it keeps my spirit up because I find myself so funny. Apparently if you can laugh at yourself it has many health benefits, from boosting your memory loss to handling pain better and it's good for your heart too. Can't beat all those good things when all you have to do is laugh.

Disclaimer (well the google says this but I'm not sure its all true, I have my fair share of ailments.)

This has not deterred me from using my devices but if you receive texts, emails or blogs I hope you can laugh at some of the dumb things I do. I may deny I had anything to do with it. I hope I've given you a chuckle triggering the release of endorphins, your natural feel-good chemicals.

So for those of you who are mad I'm sorry for not posting (who am I kidding no one really cares) lol and if you are just missing me WELL I'M BACK! Thanks for reading, comment, like and subscribe.

P.S. don't follow me on instagram, there's nothing there. Another thing I need to learn. Thats another story.

Signed Doggy T

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