Merry Christmas

Well this year will certainly go down in the history books and I'm sure most of us are going to be glad 2020 is in the past. There has been so many things cancelled and many milestones that could not be celebrated. We all miss our families and our friends and will welcome the times when we can visit and hug again. This statement is coming from a non-hugger but I'm looking forward to giving the odd hug to everyone but only once lol. I have never cooked or baked this much in my whole life and I'm running out of things to make. We are fortunate to have plenty of food and toilet paper. My husband has the opportunity to order in bulk from his employer such things as toilet paper, facial tissue and paper towels so I am willing to barter if there is an another shortage.

We do try to support local businesses and order from the restaurants in our town. Speaking about ordering food I want to share a story that happened just before Christmas last year.

We were out visiting close to supper one Saturday evening and decided to order Chinese food from our "go to" restaurant "Lucky Wok". I googled the restaurant, called and placed the order. I did remark to Dale that it seemed odd that they asked how I would be paying. We drove around Wheatley looking at Christmas lights waiting the 30 minutes till the order was ready. Dale went into talk to Tito the owner who proceeded to tell him there was no order placed under our name. He came back to the car and asked if I still wanted Chinese because they never received our order. Dale went back in and placed a new order. I checked my phone to see what I had done, who knew that there was a Lucky Wok in North York. Whoops! I mentioned maybe we should give our visa number to cover the cost. Dale did give me the option of driving for 4 hours to get Chinese in North York but we opted to eat local.

As we walked into the house the home phone was ringing and Dale answered only to be berated

by the person on the phone from the Toronto establishment for not picking up the order..(I must of given the home phone when they asked for a number) He explained the situation to the restaurant but they weren't having any of it. We decided that giving them our visa was not a good idea, not sure what they would charge us. My son was living in Toronto at the time and I even went as far as texting hime to see if he could pick the order up. That was a definite no, he wasn't even close to that area of the city.Next I texted my other son's fiancee to see if she was visiting her family in Toronto but again no such luck. So Dale took the flak from my mistake which he says is nothing knew. Just a reminder that when you order local check you are really "ordering local."

As I decorated for the season I found this towel packed in my Christmas kitchen tote. We need to remember "Home for the holidays" is the safest place to be. Home is in our hearts, our minds and our zoom meetings. With the pandemic its best to stay put and enjoy events when the community and province are in a better place. The most important thing is everyone stays safe and healthy. So enjoy the time to relax and stay home for the Holidays. Merry Christmas

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