What have I gotten myself into?

I spent some time this week writing a blog about my past year and the things I have learned. When I went to publish it I realized I didn't know what I was doing, how to organize it, how much content I should share and on and on. I decided to research with my friend the google and get the rules down.

Things I learned to be a good blogger so far:

1- Use titles, paragraphs, bullet points (but that ain't going to happen since I can't even find them on this MacBookAir) guess its back to more research. I will just use numbers for now.

2- Give people credit where credit is due.Well the stories I will write are things that happen to me and will mostly be my own ponders.

3- Some bloggers label their blogs, Lifestyle, Fitness, Health, Business etc. Guess I can label my blog I don't make this sh-t up or steal from others. Or - Pondering for seniors or anyone else that has something to say.

4- Don't give bad links, REALLY! If I can add a link that would be a miracle.

5- Say thank you to your commenters individually, when I learn how to do this I will but thanks in advance for your lovely comments. They also mentioned there will be those who comment not so nicely. They call them trolls, but we won't worry about them, RIGHT.

6- They said you can hire ghostwriters when things get tough. I might have to do this. The time I have spent already has cut into my reading time and haven't read a book since before Christmas!

It's overwhelming all the things I need to remember and the time that is needed to be a good blogger. Well I will do my best and if I retire soon its because of the Blog, the Blog made me do it. So friends and co-workers please give me some time to get my ponders to you. Just like a frog I have jumped in with two feet.

Here's my frog, still looking for my pond

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