What, think my kids can't READ?

I recently visited the local McRonalds hoping to get a quick bite with the kids. All I wanted was two kids meals and a shake. Order comes, what do we get? It's not two kids meals and a shake, thats for sure. We get two kids meals, missing their dipping sauces, and instead of the standard 1 book each meal, we got FIVE books. And not 5 different books, 5 OF THE SAME BOOKS! WHAT? DO YOU THINK MY KIDS CAN'T READ? (in fairness one is two years old and actually can't read).

Think I ended up getting my shake? Think again. Warm chocolate milk. That's what I got. Hey, did I mention I'm LACTOSE INTOLERANT lady. Geeze. I won't be hanging out with my local clown anytime soon, that's I'll I gotta say. Good riddance hamburgler.

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