WOW! hey followers, Maybe blogging is not my forte

I haven't managed to get a post out lately. I could give you lots of reason why, had a cold, read a book, (a really big book over a 1000 pages) but I have no real reason. When it's gloomy out it's easy to just sit and read my book. Can't wait for the warm weather and the sun.

Today on family day I just want to share a few tips of what to do so you can protect your family from heartache and frustrations. When my brother passed away a year ago I never imagined the role of executor would be such a nightmare. I stepped up to this role but if anyone ever asks me to do this again I WOULD STEP DOWN REALLY QUICKLY.

An executor needs

1- to be a bit of a detective especially when no will is in place.

2- have patience, can't say how many times I was put on hold waiting and searching for answers Still waiting on revenue Canada for income tax filed last August.

3- have some technology skills. I can use a computer but every utility company wants all info to be emailed so they can give me information. Can't imagine a senior trying to do this.

4- have lots of time to deal with stupid sh_t. Who knew a realtor would lock the wrong door and a locksmith would need to be called (on a long weekend )and another fee incurred. Too many times I would be running to the house for one thing or another.

5- have a sense of humour. At least this was what I needed. You can laugh or you can cry.

6- a lawyer or a team of lawyers lol . Shout out to lawyers Bill and David who would clear up questions when my lawyer wasn't available. Bill even told me I was working my way to heaven. Yes with the stress I felt like I was headed that way myself.

I'm sure there are a number of things I could write but you get my point. Some things I had to deal with are not common problems and an estate can be finalized easier with planning ahead.

So on this family day I hope you have enjoyed the day and remember to write a will and make things easier for those left behind.

I have learned a lot through this process and I hope I can pass on information to others and enlighten them on how to solve some problems.

You can contact me for any legal advice and I know how much that will cost. Every email, stamp, photocopy... stayed tuned for more real life stories. In the meantime stay afloat!

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